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The Amazing You Project

Changing Lives With A Single Card

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$23 /month

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At the beginning of each month you'll receive a handwritten note with a special message that lifts your spirits and is filled with encouragement.

It warms your heart and you smile

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Now is your turn!

Write the message provided for that month in the five notecards and address the envelopes.

(Return addresses and postage are provided).

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Send your cards & make someone else smile!

Send your note cards to five people and prepare to bring joy and put unexpected smiles on their faces.

Side benefit is that you've given yourself a positive boost!

How Does

The Amazing You Project Work?

Here at the AMAZING YOU PROJECT we believe that sending unexpected handwritten notecards not only benefits the receiver by bringing encouragement, joy and smiles, but it also benefits the sender.

The act of physically writing the positive messages rewires your brain to believe that you, too, are amazing...

which you are!

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Your subscription includes:

*A handwritten note to you

*5 blank notecards for you to send

*5 stamped envelopes with return addresses

*Instructions with what to write

At the beginning of each month you'll receive your package:

Step 1—Write the message provided in the instructions inside each of the cards

Step 2—Address the cards to someone who needs a smile

Step 3—Drop in your local mailbox

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Did You Know:

94% of people love getting letters in the mail

Hand written mail makes people feel important and noticed

Cards through mail provide a little magic to the recipient


We believe this is an amazing simple concept that can truly make a difference and bring a positive change to peoples' lives. However, we realize that sometimes things don't work out and we want you to feel completly comfortable. Please know you can cancel anytime.



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